Cutting Edge AI Powered Assessment Grading Tool At Your Fingertips
Welcome to GradeScale! We are revolutionizing education with cutting-edge AI technology. We empower educators by seamlessly integrating LLMs into the grading process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Join us in shaping the future of learning!

Scan Your Answers

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Students can have the flexibility to choose how they submit their answers – whether it's through a quick scan or by typing directly into our user-friendly web portal. Our AI technology works tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring accurate and efficient grading every time. Say goodbye to tedious manual grading and hello to more time for impact teaching moments. Join the future of assessment today and see the difference for yourself!

Advanced LLMs

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Discover the future of grading with our advanced AI technology. Unlike traditional systems, we don't just look for keywords – we understand the meaning behind student responses, ensuring accurate grading and reducing errors. Experience the efficiency of precise assessment correction. Upgrade to our AI-powered test grader today!


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Introducing GradeAssist, your ultimate grading companion! With GradeAssist, teachers can quickly grade assessments with ease, thanks to our advanced AI technology. But it doesn't stop there – we believe in transparency and empowerment. Our system provides teachers with a detailed breakdown of how each question was graded, offering full transparency. Moreover, GradeAssist allows educators to override AI grading with their own assessments, ensuring fairness.